The Paralenz Dive Camera is made from military grade aluminum with titanium screws and the compact shockproof cylindrical design is also insulated with a special thermal foam that minimizes [...]


Zeagle put its mark on the diving industry’s map when they introduced their professional back floatation bdc line. The product was so innovative that it rattled the diving world. Their market [...]


The founders of the American Stahlsac family business had a dream to innovate and produce light-weight yet strong and durable bags that could withstand the punishment of long-term use and [...]


Initiated by safety–concerned diving enthusiasts that were looking to improve their own safety while diving, the spareair idea was born. The concept principally involved the development of an [...]


Founded by diving and outdoor enthusiasts that were looking for new ways to protect themselves from rough elements, Sharkskin embarked to create an exceptional product line that was new to the [...]


Princeton Tec is a well-known manufacturer of personal lighting products supplying professional and consumer markets alike. As a long-term supplier to the Watersport and outdoor markets Princeton [...]


Light & Motion’s birth was the result of a group of professionals aiming at revolutionizing the world of traditional personal lighting for underwater and outdoor use. Setting up a [...]


Aeroskin was originally created by californian water sport enthusiasts that were looking for new ways of body protection during water sport activities. Using new fabrics concepts in developing [...]


The Atomic legend began when the engineering team that had been responsible for the success of a major American scuba equipment manufacturer decided in 1996 to use their intellect and superior [...]


Audaxpro, an Italian family business had in the past made a name in the industry as a manufacturer of superior quality bags for the high fashion industry. Combining creativity and production [...]

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