BRAND: Sharkskin
ORIGIN: Australia
BUSINESS: Technical Water Sports & Outdoor Protection Apparel
WEBSITE: www.sharkskin.com.au

Founded by diving and outdoor enthusiasts that were looking for new ways to protect themselves from rough elements, Sharkskin embarked to create an exceptional product line that was new to the diving and Watersport world. The ingenuity and persistence of the Sharkskin founders lead to the birth of a completely new class of thermal protection wear. Sharkskin’s ingenious hollow fiber concept for wet suit apparel uses microscopic hollow fibers that cannot be compressed once filled with water, resulting in a much better Termal protection than competitive copy products that use standard materials.

The company continues to innovate and Sharkskin products have become the standard of today’s sophisticated consumers. The superior quality and make-up of the Australian-manufactured brand enjoys an ever increasing number of excited customers