BRAND: Haux-Life-Support
ORIGIN: Germany
BUSINESS: Professional Hyperbaric Equipment

The Haux-Life-Support founder made his debut in a large German underwater and medical product engineering and manufacturing company. The environment made it difficult to realize the agressive goals he had set for himself and he decided to set up his own company to realize his dream of engineering & building the world’s most advanced Hyperbaric equipment. Generations later, Haux-Life-Support has become one of the worlds best known manufacturers of high quality hyper-and hypobaric systems including chambers for divers,dive simulation and medical applications. Over 1500 Haux Systems engineered and built in Haux’ own factories are in operation around the world including Asia and also Hong Kong.

The Haux sales & technical support center in Hong Kong located at Deep Blue Asia operates with a team of well-trained engineers that provide prompt and high quality backup services.