BRAND: Audaxpro
BUSINESS: Premium Scuba Buoyancy Compensators

Audaxpro, an Italian family business had in the past made a name in the industry as a manufacturer of superior quality bags for the high fashion industry. Combining creativity and production know-how with the professional input of technical divers, an exceptional line of high performance technical buoyancy compensators for scuba divers was created and launched in the Italian market. The overwhelming success of Audaxpro in Italian technical diving lead to the achievement of a depth record with Audaxpro equipment. A few years later, Audaxpro surprised the diving world with a consumer BCD line that was outrageously advanced in creativity and quality.

Targeting fashionable Asia and its quality conscious premium consumers, Audaxpro was launched in Asia in 2012 marking the first step of global expansion. The head-turning colors, features and quality of the product made Audaxpro an instant favorite among premium Asian consumers. Audaxpro’s Hong Kong sales and service center located at Deep Blue Asia offers effective customer back-up services.